Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat 
animation + stills

The brief was simple "give us 30 action-packed seconds and a set of still images" the rest was entirely in our hands. 
Altogether this was four weeks of work, fun, fail, try, drop, fix, move, change, drop, try, gain... 
Full CGI film
Full CGI stills  
The Idea
No story happens without a storyboard. Then it comes to good old paper and pen. 
final frames 
Final still vs. clay
Idea and storyboard: Aleš Kolaja (Punctum)
CG Direction: Aleš Kolaja (Punctum), Jakub Vlček (Punctum)
VFX Supervision: Ondřej Červinka (Punctum)
3D artists: Himanshu Choudhary (Punctum), Natan Payne (Punctum)
Rudolf Pástor (Punctum)
Post-production: Ondřej Červinka (Punctum)
Grading: Jakub Vlček (Punctum)
Project Management: Iva Krochotová (Punctum)
Edit: Luboš Řežábek
Sound Design: Dominik Ragančík
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