Bohematic Aerodynamic
idea / animation / stills / interactive
client: Bohematic

The new wristwatch from Bohematic was inspired by Czech pioneers of car aerodynamics back in the 1930s. The iconic Wikov 35 and the worldwide famous Tatra 77 started a streamlined era in car design. Our task was to bring this beautiful story to life and introduce the new Bohematic watch by creating a 3D model without even touching or seeing them. Aerodynamic series was finished and launched two weeks after we delivered a complete package of assets - stills, animation and interactive application – all full CGI.
The Idea
We situated the story into a wind tunnel used by car manufacturers to measure aerodynamics and let the streamlines pass from the car over to the watch.
The Animation
Although the production was completely CGI, the process and professions involved were very close to real film production. We had a lot of trust from the client who left the whole creative process completely in our hands. 
The concept was done in-house within our studio as well as the storyboards, modeling, texturing, cameras, lighting, and simulations. The custom music was composed by jazz drummer Martin Čech.
The Stills
Once we had the detailed watch model ready we could produce any kind of output that our clients needed. Lighting in our 3D scene reflects all the principles of photographic studio lighting and aims to show all the important design aspects and also create an interesting moody atmosphere. 
The Interactive
An important part of the job was the interactive application for touch screens. It was made for purpose of our client's presentation at SEW - The largest fine watch exhibition in Central Europe and is ready to be used afterward at many other exhibitions and fairs. Attendants can not only see the watch in the highest detail, rotate, zoom and even disintegrate it into the smallest pieces. 
The How
The main goal of this project was the same as always, create highly photorealistic imagery. The biggest challenge for us was simulating the smoke to behave and appear like natural streamlines in a wind tunnel. On the way, we also had to build Wikov 35 from scratch since a 3D model of the car did not exist. 
Our team also created a 3D model of the watch based on the production data. To achieve the photo-realistic result, we made all the textures and surfaces in close cooperation with the Bohematic production team.  

The interactive application was then created in Unreal Engine 4. We used the model and most of the textures from 3Ds Max, recreated the animation, lighting and developed the touch screen interface.

Idea and storyboard: Aleš Kolaja (Punctum)
CG Direction: Aleš Kolaja (Punctum), Jakub Vlček (Punctum)
VFX Supervision: Ondřej Červinka (Punctum)
Simulations: Himanshu Choudhary (Punctum)
3D modelling: Rudolf Pástor (Punctum)
Unreal Engine: Natan Payne (Punctum)
Lighting: Jakub Vlček (Punctum)​​​​​​​
Post-production: Ondřej Červinka (Punctum), Jakub Vlček (Punctum)​
project management: Iva Krochotová (Punctum)  
​​​​​​​music and sound: Martin Čech
edit: Luboš Řežábek

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